About Tatiana

Tatiana has always enjoyed movement as an expression of the mind and body together. From an early age, she followed her mother's footsteps to become a performing Modern Dancer with the Isadora Duncan dancers in Berkeley, California. Later, the move from modern dance to the free and spiritual yoga philosophy was a natural one. With personal yoga study since 2004 and yoga teaching experience since 2008, Tatiana is a registered teacher through Yoga Alliance from the Yandara Institute, Baja, California.

Tatiana's Yoga Philosophy:

Just breathe and have fun and you'll be surprised at how much you can do!

  • Yoga is for everyone, no matter what age or mobility issues. Every pose can be safely modified by using blocks, straps or chairs for those with injuries or any limitations. Yoga is not about becoming a pretzel - that's gymnastics.
  • Yoga can be taught fast or slow depending on the needs of the students. It can be solely stretching and meditative or flowing with some cardio workout. Weight loss, flexibility, or relaxing, yoga has it all. A good yoga class should stretch and work all the muscles in your body while training you to breathe and calm your mind - something you can't get at the gym or an aerobics class.
  • Yoga is about kindness to your body and understanding yourself inside and out, giving you a greater positive outlook on life: 'No Pain, lots of Gain'
  • Yoga doesn't have to be from any particular school as they all come from one source. They all have in common the importance of synchronizing the breath with movement giving greater calmness of mind. I have studied many different schools of Yoga and incorporate different styles in my classes.
  • Yoga is not a religious philosophy. I teach the postures of yoga and breathing exercises, incorporating meditation, but the students can add on their own beliefs. I do not use any of the Sanskrit words or chants in my class. I make yoga perfectly accessible to those with their feet firmly in the modern world because that's where it is most needed.
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